Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Twitter Replies

It's been sometime that I started fondling Tweeter. My first impression about this social media is that it is not really that impressive. I felt like the Tweets are too short and it couldn't carry the thought across. However, after sometime, I learned how to appreciate the short but sweet Tweets and started to post often...

I would comment about some topics that other people would talk about, especially if it has some socio-cultural significance and it captured my interests.

Twitter Mentions:

I have mentions from these FAMOUS people... hehehehe...

Howie Severino: One of my "IDOLS" when it comes to creating Award Winning, World Class Documentaries. I have been following him in I-Witness (my entire Family's KAPUSO and my sister's even working for the KAPUSO Network in Iloilo) and I would always admire how the team (Sandra Aguinaldo, Kara David, Jay Taruc and of course Howie) would look at issues objectively. Simply showing what GMA7 symbolizes- Walang Kinikilingan, Walang Pinoprotektahan, Serbisyong Totoo lamang!"

Andrew Wolff: A Half Brit- Half Pinoy Bench Model/Actor who is now a member of The Philippine Rugby Team- Philippine Volcanoes. The discussion on his Tweeter was about athletes who are "half-Blood" and I never guess that this guy has a 100% Pinoy Heart. He is very proud of his lineage and his being Filipino. Saludo ako sa yo, Andrew!

Dino Lazaro: A freelance Make-up artist from Manila.

It's nice to know that they read the Tweets of people following them, showing that they also care for the opinions/comments expressed by their followers. I really appreciate that they took time to click on the reply button and answer back.

Thanks guys, you will always have my support. More Power!

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