Monday, October 10, 2011

The Coming of the Dark

Samhain is coming. To Pagans everywhere this is the last harvest of the year where people in the westerm hemisphere would often gather their harvest/produce and set it aside to be used for the coming Winter.

Here in the Philippines, the most prominent holiday that we are celebrating is the "Fiesta Minatay" or the All Souls Day which is celebrated on the eve of November 1. However, witches like us would still celebrate the Sabbat Samhain. I could still remember the time that we celebrate this feast at the back of Project XXA1, it is an internet cafe owned by our friend "Manong Donnie" and we would go there in costumes. We would wear our robes and would walk around the city and visit some of the malls. Then we will celebrate a simple get together with some of the witches and sorceresses of the city.

One of the celebration that I could still remember was with Victoria and her friend Neil. Vicky is magus, trained in the difficult Enochian magick. A system of magick who calls upon angels to be a part of their rites. Neil on the other hand was working with Fairies as a part of a Lineage magick of the Diwaniwa.

The celebration was very simple, no elaborate circles (we hold hands and form the circle ourselves), or any complicated conjuration. We call on the Goddess and the God to attend the feast and call on the elementals of the place to attend the rite. We also invited our loved ones who passed beyond the veil to be present. We shared cakes and ale (Apple-cinnamon cider brewed by Neil, the Kitchen Witch) and performed spells and wishes (which required blood and I didn't do since I am against needles).

We used to do our Gypsie Parties during the Hallows Eve too where we do Tarot readings and casting spells for friends... we used to rent a restaurant or a bar, close it up and have a party.

Last year during my first Halloween here in Davao, we went to Samal island to celebrate the Sacred feast with some of the friends I have here in the office. This year, I hope there will be more people present and we will do it on the same resort. Since I feel that the resort (Dayang in Talikud Island) is magickal in itself, I think of it as the best place to do the ritual... it is still a place of in-between (Mountain and Sea meet) just like the Hallow's Eve- when spirits roam the land of the living and the Men of this world wanders off to the realm of the Faeries.

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