Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Countdown to 30

I will be 30 in 2 days... For a person to live for 3 decades, I think I am quite satisfied with what I did and what I am doing. There are things that I thought I would never do or achieve, and I proved myself wrong.

1. I promised myself that I wouldn't work in a call center and yet I am working in one.

2. I thought that I wouldn't get a six-pack abs, yet I had one and working on getting it back.

3. Never thought that I would go to Mindanao, yet I am here right now.

I had many things to thank the gods for, many things more things to ask from Them but I am just so happy that I have people who loves me and wants to take care of me.

My Wishes this year:

1. A better Job or at least a promotion

2. a New Phone (iPhone4s, galaxy S2, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Ace (the least)
3. DSLR Stuff- New lens (18-200mm/55-300mm), Macro Lens, Flash, Battery Grip, Memory Card

4. More Travels to come (especially out of the country- before my passport Expires)

5. More Money to have our house fixed

6. More money to Save (yes, I am saving now)

7. more Money to finish my Masters Degree

8. More money to study More Master Degrees



For more years to come... I will endure eternity for Knowledge!
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