Saturday, January 14, 2012

Halika Byahe Tayo... It's More FUN in the Philippines

I always expressed my love for the Philippines. I am always proud of my Filipino heritage and as a Pinoy, I want to do a lot of things to change and improve the country. Though there are times that I am disillusioned with the way our country's direction is heading, I am here to support the Philippines and the Filipinos not the stoofid politicians who control our government.

I was thinking of travelling around Mindanao this year. Trips which are not that expensive but should be very memorable. I remembered the old "Halika Byahe Tayo" of Freddie Aguilar and the rest of the Filipino artists and I came across the new version of the song.

Let me leave a part of the lyrics for everyone to contemplate to...

"Halika Byahe Tayo!
Nang ating makita ang Ganda ng Pilipinas...
ang GALING ng Pilipino!"

Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

Ako ay Pinoy at Mahal ko ang Pilipinas

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