Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Journeyman's Life

I have been wondering lately about my existence. I know that this is a very "EMO" thing to do but in this way, I feel that I could really contemplate and see things more clearly. My spirit is seeking to do something grandiose especially in the field of magick. I would consider myself in a little as an adept, one who is knowledgeable regarding the occult arts but never a master. In the organization that we created, the levels in the heirarchy are Novicia/Novus (New Students), Discipulus (disciple or an advance student) and an Adeptus (Mentor); there is no Master of the Arts because nobody is one.

A journeyman, as defined is a person who was done in his apprenticeship and is fully educated in a craft or a trade but not yet a master. I am feeling stagnated once more in my practice of my Craft because of some delays and lack of inspiration. To be a master, a Journeyman must create a project that is presented to a Guild/Cabal for evaluation to gain the title of a master. This is where the concern starts.

I am thinking of starting my ultimate experiment. As a fan of new things and discoveries especially in advancing magick, I am thinking of going through the experiment that I have in mind a few years ago (2005). Since the magick of Solomon is operating on the theory of Kabbalah and the Jewish religion, I am thinking of calling one of the 72 Spirits of Solomon using a different base paradigm. Basing on the theory that if the base/foundation paradigm used is older than the entity that you are trying to contact, the spirit would identify the Deities/Gods that you requested to attend the rite.

The magick of Solomon uses the name of the Hebrew God and His Aspects to be the boundary of the sacred circle. I was wondering if the same Spirit can be summoned through a Druid Circle since Pagan magick is way older than the Judaisim. Though we cannot really say that this is the case since there are a very limited articles and write-ups regarding this.

As a Journeyman, I want to try something that would yield amazing results. I want to develop something which was not yet tried before. Though some Chaos Magicians already experimented on these types of things, I want to do more. I hope I would be inspired to discover something new, rare and out of this world.

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