Monday, February 6, 2012

How to Celebrate Imbolc as a Hekatine

Imbolc- one of the major Sabbat celebrating the return of life to the world. This is usually celebrated by honoring fire (which symbolizes life). This is also the Sacred Feast of the Goddess Brighid.
Now how will someone who worships the Goddess Hekate celebrate this Sabbat which has a Gaelic name L� Fh�ill Br�ghde (The Feast of Brighid)?
Since I am honoring Hekate on this Sabbat celebration, I gathered some herbs (actually bought) that are 1. sacred to Hekate (garlic) and those with fire properties (cinnamon, bay). I also used a red candle to signify the power of fire and dress it with oil. I also burned sandalwood incense and offered red roses to signify passion. I also put an apple on the altar (cut in half to reveal the pentagram) and I offered "binangkal" a deepfried bread covered with sesame seeds.
I started the ritual approximately around 6PM, which is dusk- a time of the "in-between" and a sacred time for the Goddess of Transitions. I started the ritual honoring my God Ianus, which in His role as the Keeper of the Gates must always be honored first (according to the Roman Pagan Tradition). I invoked the Goddess using my own "invocatio" honoring the aspect of Hekate as the light bearer- Lucifera and as the Torch bearer- Phosporus.
I also asked for healing and strenght from the Lady for the whole year, asking Her to strengthen the fire of my spirit. I always visualize our life as tiny flames located in our chest, burning strong if you are healthy and still have a long way to go and weak if you are at the end of your journey.
Since the feast of Imbolc is all about the coming of life back to the world and the celebration of fire as a symbol of life, I opted to honor the Sacred Fires of Hekate. I honored the Goddess' role as a guide of souls and the harbringer of life (as a midwife). I also offered a goblet of hot herbal concoction to end the feast.
Please tell me how you celebrate Imbolc to honor our Goddess Hekate... i'd be glad to hear from you guys!
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