Friday, May 18, 2012

Cosplaying as Mystogan from Fairy Tail

Hi again folks. I attended MTC 2012 or the Mindanao Toy Convention which was a gathering of Toys, video and card game enthusiast around Mindanao. This week long celebration happened at the atrium of Gaisano Mall of Davao and you can see displays of toys- from western animation (X-Men, MIB) to the far east (Miku Hatsune and other anime characters). I went to the event Friday and I took some pictures of toys (which I displayed on my FB account). 

It also has a blast the next day when some of our friends from TACOSEN, cosplayers from Tagum City joined the JPOP Dance contest. Some of the folks I know from the cosplay community were there and they participated in the competition. Our Group, MinATO (Mindanao Anime and Toys Organization) graced the event as we attended in costume. I dressed up as Durarara's Shizuo Heiwajima and I was introduced to a lot of people that i know I will be friends with. 

There was a cosplay competition that happened the next day, May 13th. We were all very excited with the Cosplay contest that it really took a lot of effort to be in the costume and not sit for 7 hours. I donned my new Mystogan outfit from Fairy Tail, which I got from Guilty Pleasure Online Shop, an online cosplay shop here in Davao City. Though the costume is a little pain in the ass (we need to fix it Matt), it was worth it. I have difficulties in moving and walking though, and the costume is kinda hot. I guess they used a very thick craft foam to make it look good. 

A lot of my MinATO family also joined the Cosplay contests and you would see all the pictures on my FB account. 

Here are some of my pics dressed up as Mystogan from Fairy Tail. 

Photos from my personal album:
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