Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dance to the Beat

It has been a long time that I have done a dance number on stage in front of people. I know that it is difficult for a mature guy to do this, afterall, I am not a high school student anymore. I was fascinated by Cosplays (as you have already known), and it is so fun to see kids and mature people alike donning their favorite anime and manga characters and act like them in an event. 

Another thing that really caught my attention in cosplay events are the dance numbers. There was an event in Manila where all the cosplayers playing a character from the same anime just went up the stage to dance to the theme song. They did not rehearse nor even know each other, however, since they love anime, they memorized the song and the dance moves. 

Here in Davao, I saw this in MCX last December in SM City. When the music from Vocaloids, Happy Synthesizer was played, Cosplayer just danced to the beat. This is one of the experiences that really makes Cosplay fun. Since I am fascinated by the experience, I want to master the dance moves too (aside from memorizing the song, which I was doing for a month now). I tried to check videos from Youtube for the dance tutorial and I have found a few, but this video stood out. 

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