Monday, June 25, 2012

Boys of Cosplay-June: Nico Bonita

Guys, meet Nico!
One of the more "mysterious" members of TACOSEN (Tagum Cosplay Enthusiasts), Dominique or Nico (popularly known as Pikot) is always seen in the sidelines and never on the limelight. This 22 year old is a graduate of BM major in HR from St. Mary's and a regular in Cosplay events here in Davao. Though he admitted that he is not really into Cosplay and is with Tacosen because of his love of Anime, we coerced Nico to dress up (dress down) as Gray Fullbuster from Fairy Tail and featured him in our Boys of Cosplay for June. 

This charming chinito was also modelling for Tagum's Tourism Office. He is a man of few words (literally) and when asked why he Cosplays, he just said that he does not. I also asked him about the dream character he wishes to portray and he just replied "I don't know". 

Well, let's just hope that Nico will be interested enough to include Cosplay as an extension of his love for anime. You get to see Nico in his T-Shirt and Maong during Cosplay events, helping out members of TACOSEN. Let's just cross our fingers that he will dress up (or down) as an anime character soon... He makes one good Gray Fullbuster here, would you agree?

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