Monday, June 25, 2012

Midsummer Revel

Litha or the Summer Solstice is one of the "Seasonal Sabbats" celebrated by Pagans around the globe. It is the time of the longest day (12H 59M here in the Philippines) and the God is at the peak of it's power. To those who believe that the Gods are individual entities (like me) and not just facets of a Duality, I celebrated this Sabbat honoring the Sun Gods from different Pantheons and belief systems. We gave offerings to Ra, Belanus, Baldur, Lugh, Apollo, etc. and celebrated Their feast.

Since Litha is also the time to ask for healing, we also asked the Gods to send healing energies and strength to some of our friends who are not feeling well. We feel that by channeling the power of the sun, we could alleviate what they feel, give them strength, virility and vigor. 

We went to one of the private parks in Catalunan, Davao City to celebrate the Sabbat. Members of the Arcana gathered and prepared for the feast. When the ritual finally started, we opened it with the traditional Wiccan circle opening and some friends who are practicing Native American Shamanism did their greetings to the ancestors and the spirits of the place as well. The ritual was magickal and the place is very enchanting- some of the blades of the cogon grasses are moving without wind, a "spot light" shone directly to the ritual circle and the animals celebrated with us. 

We feasted on the herbed flat bread that was prepared and we ate it with some wine. We also left some milk for the fairy folks as an offering for letting us use their place. 

Blessed Litha to all!

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