Friday, November 2, 2012

Who are the Witches?

Not all witches are old or ugly, 
some of us are young and pretty.
We don't mix potions for a living, 
some of us are in offices, working.

Not all witches cast hex or curse, 
some of us just bless our purse.
We do not turn people to frogs,
or fly, or inhale noxious drugs.

Not all witches can read the future,
believe me guys it's often a torture.
Though sometimes we see the things to come,
It's not for all but just for some.

People believe that we worship the Devil,
Though I think they just say that to make us look evil.
Some Witches believe in one Divine,
Though two, or more is still just fine.

If people would tell you the witches should be feared,
Think again my friend, I just want this cleared.
We are not Evil nor Heartless as the media would show,
Ask me a question and believe me, I know!

-image from the internet-
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