Sunday, January 20, 2013

And the Last Date on the Calendar is...

This year, 2013 is going to be a very memorable year for me. First, I will celebrate my 2 years anniv with my partner in crime- Bokoko Bongtingpao. Second, I will fly outside of the country for the first time and last, is the title... I just turned 31 years old.

Living in this plane for 3 decades and a year is quite fun- I got to study at a very early age, I get to know very special people, shown my talents, enjoy life and the most important of all- meet my Gods.

For some people who are not introduced to the Path, this might sound very blasphemous or sacrilegious, but I am just talking about my experiences. I have meet the Gods when I was still young. Though, I admit that I was also raised a Catholic, the blood of a seeker in my veins was stronger than my respect for the priests and my religion teacher. When I was 13, I started seeking the Path of the Wise and I have not stopped since then. Now, I have turned 31 and this is my 18th year of service to the Goddess and the God.

 There are still an awful lot of things that I wanna do this year and here are some of them (those things that I could immediately remember)... not in any particular order... =)

1. Bond with my Gods- I apologize My Lord and Lady- Pending
2.  Climb Mt. Apo - before I get too old to climb the tallest mountain in the country-Pending
3. Go to Siquijor - this has been a plan forever.-Pending
4. Save Money - an ongoing challenge but I aim to save a lot this year... I hope!-Pending
5. Go back to the Gym and reclaim my 6-pack abs- this is ALWAYS delayed-Pending
6. Take care of my Health- The spirit is quite powerful, so is the mind, the body out of sync- Pending
7. Read all my new Books- a difficult feat since I am also expanding my library- Pending
8. Do my "official" priestly duty- as an Ordained Minister, I want to do this- Pending
9. Strengthen my magick- working on this- Pending
10. Have my passport stamped- (this will happen this year because I will fly to Singapore)- DONE
11.More Cosplay- Starting with my Admiral Akaino costume this year- DONE
12. Photography- Will try to learn editing and more and more practice.- Pending
13. Just be Happy- I am trying to do this all the time!- Pending

That's all!
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