Thursday, January 26, 2017

Flazo, Fluffy Goodness in a Cup

There are a lot of treats that one can have inside a cup. There's coffee, tea, cakes and now there's Flazo. I would like to thank my sissy Jolen for introducing me to this yummy treat.

Flazos are yummy "Brazo de Mercedes" in a cup that comes with different flavors. There's macha, chocolate, custard, cheese, lemon and many more. All these are served inside these cute paper cups and are best when served chilled.

The Flazo Booth is located at the ground floor of Felcris Centrale (the door facing the activity center). The place is cozy and their wooden tables and benches remind me of those cafes in the Hello Kitty cartoon shows.

These fluffy treat costs PHP 20.00 a piece, but you can actually get 15 pcs for PHP 200.00 (big box). They also offer a "Tea Time Promo" where you can get eight Flazos with 2 cups of Stash tea for only PHP 250.00.

Bring your friends and family members and try this out. It's perfect as pasalubong too.

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